Diversyfund Review 2023

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In this Diversyfund review, I will explain that their goal is to provide an affordable way for everyday investors to get into real estate investing and gain investment opportunities without the necessity for large amounts of capital.

Diversyfund is a real estate crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2014, Craig Cecilio is the Founder and current CEO. Diversyfund is among a list of various real estate investment platforms which have been forming in recent years.

Read my Diversyfund review to find out if it is suitable for your investing requirements.

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Why Choose Diversyfund?

Diversyfund is open to both the accredited investor and nonaccredited investors, so users don’t need a net worth of $2 million or an annual income of at least $200,000 to invest money. Diversyfund directly manages investment properties under the DF Growth REIT.

They also require only a small minimum investment,, currently $500 making it possible for the everyday investor to take advantage of an opportunity that has historically only been available to the wealthy. Their platform makes it very simple for investors to get started in commercial real estate investing.

Returns of Real Estate Investment Trusts have historically beaten other forms of investment, and Diversyfund eliminates the risk that normally accompanies other real estate investments. They focus on purchasing revenue-generating multifamily and commercial properties, specifically apartment buildings, with a goal to generate cash flow and earn at least a 10-20% return on any of their purchases.

Past performance is very impressive, providing excellent historic investment returns averaging over 17%. Diversyfund could help many people achieve their investment goals with these high returns. Investors receive interest from rental income and when properties increase in value and are sold for a profit.

Even better, Diversyfund is able to keep costs low by utilizing vertical integration and handling the entire process themselves. This means that no management fees are charged for investors, giving Diversyfund an edge over other real estate platforms.

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  • Low Minimum Investment
  • High Historical Returns
  • No Platform Fees or Commissions
  • Allows non-accredited investors to invest


  • Currently offering only one investment fund
  • Return on investment takes time
  • No early withdrawals
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Who is Diversyfund for?

Diversyfund, alike other real estate crowdfunding platforms, is best for long-term investors looking to keep their money in an investment account for at least 5 years.

In fact, Diversyfund requires investors to stick to a minimum term of 5 years, in order to maximize investment returns.

Diversyfund’s low minimum initial investment and lack of an accreditation requirement makes it a good choice for new investors. Diversyfund is fully automated, so would be a great choice for those looking for hands-off investment opportunities.

They imagine a world where Everyone has an Equal Opportunity to Build Wealth. Their mission is to break down the barriers that keep most Americans from investing like the privileged, well-connected, and wealthiest 1% in our country.

Investors buy into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), which then pools capital and uses it to purchase commercial real estate investment properties that meet strict criteria with a potential to gain value. Real estate can be a valuable addition to an individual’s diversified investment portfolio.

Diversyfund Trading Platform

Diversyfund offers a mobile and a web-based platform. The mobile platform is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Users can easily monitor their performance on the dashboard. A useful 5 year and 10 year projection is shown on the investment platforms to give investors an idea of where they stand.

Diversyfund’s Education

Diversyfund’s learning center contains many educational blogs that provide investment advice and cover topics such as investment strategy, personal finance topics, real estate, news, and more. Blogs range from education levels such as investment basics for beginners to advanced articles for seasoned investors.

Diversyfund Account Fees and Investment Expense Ratios

Diversyfund makes it easy for everyday investors to start investing without paying high account minimum or management fees. Diversyfund requires a $500 minimum investment in order to start investing.

Shares are $10 each, so investors automatically begin with 50 shares. Initial investments can be increased in increments of $500, with a maximum initial investment of $1 million. The average investment is $2500.

Diversyfund doesn’t charge any direct account fees. However, there is a small percentage that’s taken out to cover fees such as asset management and a sizable developer fees. They take up to 8% from the REIT to support their operations.

Diversyfund Account

Diversyfund supports automated investment management. There is a recurring monthly payment users can setup once they’ve completed their initial investment. Dividends are automatically reinvested until the end of the investment period, when profits are disbursed.

Then, users can choose to either cash out or reinvest their earnings. An initial deposit gives investors full access to all of the real estate properties that Diversyfund owns.

There are 4 stages to the investment process. First, Diversyfund will collect pooled money from investors, and secure capital to purchase multifamily real estate projects. Properties will then be purchased according to strict investment qualifications.

After purchasing, they are renovated to increase rental income and raise the property value. Diversyfund allows enough time for the property to appreciate. Dividends are automatically reinvested, so investors won’t earn profits until properties are eventually sold, when users can choose to take a payout or reinvest their earnings into the next fund.

Diversyfund Account Protection

Unlike publicly traded REITs, Diversyfund’s funds are privately traded, but still must be registered under and complete an annual audit with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC’s Regulation Crowdfunding enables companies to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding.

Investors are protected by a 7% preferred return, meaning they get a return of 7% before Diversyfund receives any profit. After returns hit the 7% mark, profits are split 35/65 between Diversyfund and investors.

When returns reach 12%, the profits are split evenly. Real Estate Investment Trusts are required to pay 90% of their taxable income to investors annually. What is left is how Diversyfund makes money.

Diversyfund chooses multifamily properties for real estate investments located in an area with strong market growth.

They select real estate assets that are already cash-flowing and are good choices for value-add investing. However, while investors can make money with Diversyfund, it’s not a low-risk investment.

Prospective investors should consider all of their real estate investment options and alternative investments before committing to a specific platform.

Diversyfund currently owns 12 multifamily real estate assets at a $175 million estimated market value. Their expert investment team has 40+ years of combined commercial real estate investing experience.

Common Questions asked about Diversyfund

Below are some common questions asked about Diversyfund, if it is good for experienced real estate investors or is better for investors just starting out?

What is the average return on DiversyFund?

What does the average investor earn with DiversyFund? In 2019, DiversyFund investors received a dividend yield of 5%. This is representative of the cash flow DiversyFund took in from monthly rent. The total return at the end of the investment period may differ.

Are REITs a good investment?

REITs historically have delivered competitive total returns, based on high, steady dividend income and long-term capital appreciation. Their comparatively low correlation with other assets also makes them an excellent portfolio diversifier that can help reduce overall portfolio risk and increase returns.

How trustworthy is DiversyFund?

There are a few online platforms that allow you to invest in real estate, yet none are quite as focused on commercial real estate and non-accredited investors quite like DiversyFund. So yes, the company and their wealth of real estate experience is legit.

Which is better, DiversyFund or Fundrise?

If you want a simple portfolio that is focused on one type of investment property, DiversyFund might be better for you. If you want to invest in a variety of real estate properties and have access to more advanced strategies, then Fundrise may be the better investment platform for you.

What are the returns on real estate crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding investments on reputable platforms, with terms of 5 or more years, have an average IRR of over 17%. Shorter-term real estate crowdfunding investments have average returns in 10% to 12% range.

Can I withdraw my money early?

No. Once you commit money, it is tied to an investment property for a minimum of five years. After five years, you can choose to withdraw your money or reinvest.

Are stocks better than real estate?

The prices of stocks can move up and down much faster than real estate prices. That volatility of the stock market can be stomach-churning unless you take a long view on the stocks and funds you purchase for your portfolio, meaning you plan to buy and hold despite volatility. Selling stocks may result in a capital gains tax.

Is DiversyFund a good investment?

DiversyFund is SEC qualified, which means it makes its financial information public and complies with SEC regulations. It also offers the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate, which can help you diversify your portfolio.

Reviewing the previous performance of DiversyFund could give you a general idea of what level of returns you could expect in the future. For example, DiversyFund saw returns of 17% to 18% for the years 2017 and 2018. However, keep in mind that past performance does not guarantee future results. Always do your due diligence when choosing investment options.

How does DiversyFund make money?

DiversyFund makes money by charging asset management, platform, and real estate fees. It also receives a portion of the profits when properties held in the REIT are liquidated.

How do I get my money back from DiversyFund?

DiversyFund investors can’t cash out of the fund until properties sell and the final distribution is made. There’s no guarantee this will occur at or near the five-year mark, as market conditions determine DiversyFund’s selling decisions. In other words, DiversyFund is a long-term investment.

Diversyfund FAQs

Can you make money on DiversyFund?

DiversyFund provides investors with a 7% preferred return. That means that when investments make a profit, 100% of the gains go to investors up to the first 7% before DiversyFund receives a share of the profit.

Can you lose money in DiversyFund?

DiversyFund’s model is set up to keep risk at a minimum. Your money will go toward multiple properties, which means that even if one fails, others will offset the loss.

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