Titan Invest Review 2023

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In my Titan review, I have reviewed every aspect of the Titan capital management experience to provide you with an unbiased account of what to expect from an upstart attempting to help smaller investors receive the same investing outcomes as the larger hedge funds.

Read more to find out if Titan is suitable for your investing requirements.

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Who is Titan Invest

Titan was incorporated by former investment banking and hedge fund analysts and is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with Apex Clearing Corporation CRD #13071 as the clearing broker-dealer. According to FINRA’s broker check

Titan has some serious security concerns; Apex had 44 regulatory final decisions, and 8 events which went to arbitration. The fines for some of these disclosure events can exceed $250,000 so these are material events for Titan investments and Titan’s investment advisory services.

This many regulatory “events” is very concerning and raises a red flag given that other broker-dealer have regulatory events of two or three events. They also only take one password, you don’t have to repeat it to verify the password. This is an extremely simple website security practice and the fact that Titan doesn’t use it is definitely concerning.

Titan has a simple and clear fee arrangement as financial advisors, with AUM over $10,000 charged 1% of AUM (Assets Under Management). For accounts with less than $10,000 invested, the fee is $5 per month. Titan is trying to bring the hedge fund model investment strategy (2% on AUM and 20% on performance) to the retail market. If they succeed, they could quickly grow enormously.

Titan does not use robo advisors. All of their investment strategies are actively managed by human beings to invest in a large cap growth strategy, actively making investment decisions and the portfolio is re-balanced every quarter. They can use inverse ETF’s to go short the market, which is necessary if they want to try and make money in all market regimes

Titan Ratings


Overall Rating:
Account opening:
Deposit and withdrawal:
Trading platform:
Markets and products:
Customer service:


  • Hedge fund returns at a retail price (1% of AUM)
  • Impressive investment credentials among management fee
  • The best investor education section from any financial advisor.


  • Could not log into the app via phone or computer running the Play store in emulation
  • Fee structure (1% of AUM) starts to become expensive relative to competitors as AUM grows
  • The performance of the equity strategies is lagging a an index portfolio with similar assets.
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Titan Invest Investing Philosophy

Titan emphasizes that it is a long-term investor and that’s the philosophy they will bring to the Titan invest platform.

They want to grow your capital over a 3-5 year horizon and beyond, by investing in what they believe are best-in-class companies and cryptos with durable growth potential with the best investment objectives. Titan’s goal is simple: to make you the wealthiest, smartest investor you’ve ever been.

Titan’s clearing firm, Apex Clearing, is listed with FINRA and the SEC as both a broker and a dealer (broker-dealer in common parlance). This means they can trade your stock on the NYSE or NASDAQ directly without going through a middle man.

According to the rules for best execution setup by the SEC, Apex is obligated to route your trade to the best possible fee arrangement at another broker if that is beneficial to you the customer. Titan and/or Apex may bundle their orders and sell them as PFOF (Payment for Order Flow).

Titan Investor Financial Products

The core product offerings of Titan consists of 4 different options:

  1. Flagship fund is an investment portfolio targeted towards 15-25 securities chosen with a 3-5 year (or longer) time frame.
  2. Titan’s Opportunities fund investment strategy is focused on identifying smaller companies with asymmetric upside potential.
  3. Offshore is Titan’s international all-cap strategy, aimed at identifying the world’s best businesses in emerging and developed markets from China to Latin America and beyond.
  4. Crypto is an actively managed portfolio of cryptoassets that Titan believes are positioned for outstanding long-term returns with minimal correlation to equities and with attractive hedging qualities.

Titan Investment Details

All of Titan’s accounts have a minimum investment requirement of $100. Titan’s projections may not reflect actual future performance, and past performance may not reflect actual future performance.

Titan is unlike many hedge funds, with a much smaller minimum investment and smaller AUM percentage fee structure (1% versus 2%). Titan is competing with other actively managed portfolios, not the average robo advisor. Titan invest pros setup your own personalized hedge fund by using the same criteria and methods used on Wall Street to beat the market, offered to you at a fee of 1% of AUM.

The investment management is managed exclusively by the Titan team, they do not use automated tools to distribute your capital.

Titan Invest Customer service 

The customer service email is nearly impossible to find, and they have no chat or phone call options. Email “[email protected]” for problems with your account.

Titan Invest Fees

A comprehensive list of TITAN fees can be found on their website. They are fees for less common investing situations. Titan has zero performance fees, you pay 1% of your AUM no matter what return the Titan team generates for your account.

The 1% AUM fee is a “management fee” and is paid no matter what investment strategy or past performance the fund realized.

Performance Fees

The performance fees for less than $10,000 is 1% AUM (Assets Under Management), above $100 is $5 per month.

Titan Invest Review — 3 of the 4 funds performed approximately the same as the market performance, whereas the Crypto fund missed performance considerably.

Titan Invest Offers

Are there any special offers available for new customers?

Titan offers $50 for your first account creation, and a $50 dollar referral bonus for any friends you refer to Titan.

Opening an account with Titan Invest

I was unable to open an account at first, the attempt locked my phone. I emulated the Play Store through a computer and was able to login there.

Titan only uses a single password with no 2nd password for verification or any 2FA (2 factor authentication) available on your account.

If you decide to invest a lot of money with Titan, these basic security holes in signing up for the mobile app for financial products from Titan should make you think about what kind of internal security and regulatory environment Titan has.

Titan Opportunities and Titan Invest in Offshore Portfolio

The four Titan invest performance sections all act a a hedge fund for small investors (Offshore, Flagship, Crypto, and Opportunities) all approximately met the performance fees besides Crypto, which Titan missed considerably.

Traditional Hedge Fund

The Titan Flagship fund has maintained a performance fee approximately of 1% AUM with a performance approximately equal to the Large Cap stock.

Titan Education

Titan has an incredible tutorial section, with very well written in depth articles which ranges from investing 101 to ETFs to the S&P 500. Titan is committed to teaching beginner investors everything they need to know to get started investing.

Common Questions about Titan Invest

Below are some of the common questions asked about the Titan Invests, if they charge a management fee, are they regulated by the securities and exchange commission and are there any Titan Offers.

How easy is it to withdraw funds?

It is as easy to sell Vanguard mutual funds, ETFs, and most Vanguard mutual funds with no transaction fee. After you sell, the Vanguard mutual funds, ETFs, bonds or options should be ready to transfer within five to ten minutes.

Some Vanguard and non-Vanguard do have a settlement procedure so make sure you read the prospectus on all mutual funds you purchase to understand whether you have an immediate withdrawal period or 2-5 business days of settlement period.

How liquid is my capital?

With Titan, you can invest in the the Titan flagship fund with instant deposits, and withdraw the capital within 2-4 business days to your financial institution. However, we strongly encourage you to have the perspective of a long-term oriented investor with patient capital.

Titan Invest Account Titan Offshore and Titan Crypto

Titan has lost value in their Crypto Invest account and their Titan Offshore account. Titan Hedge Funds acts as a hedge fund for retail investors with only a 1% AUM (Accounts Unit Minimum).

Titan Opportunities

With Titan, you can invest in the the Titan flagship fund with instant deposits, and withdraw the capital within 2-4 business days to your financial institution. However, we strongly encourage you to have the perspective of a long-term oriented investor with patient capital.

Can I invest my retirement assets in stock market?

Yes, Titan is an SEC registered investment advisor and supports retirement account like Traditional, Roth, SEP, and simple IRA to Titan. You can also roll over 401(k) and 403(b) partially or the full account.

Is Titan a typical hedge fund?

Yes, Titan’s investment process is a typical hedge fund for 1% AUM for retail investors in Hedge Funds for a 1% AUM fee. Hedge funds pool their investors’ dollars together and each investor is treated the same. Titan keeps your money in your own individual account and personalize this based on your risk tolerance and investment goals. Titan aims to invest your funds like an active manager, with the personalization of an advisor in your pocket, all using the Titan investment platform.

Titan Options Trading and Titan Crypto?

Titan does not use Options or other derivatives as a hedging strategy. They believe in a longer time horizon, while most derivatives are appropriate for 6 months or less. Cryptos are not traded by Titan invest. Opportunities and titan offshore portfolio and titan and titan crypto, performance fees, stock market, titan opportunities, titan invest review, hedge funds, account minimum, performance fees,

Does Titan require an account minimum.

Titan requires $100 minimum for a basic account, and $10,000 for a Gold account requires $10,000 in your account for margin purposes.

How safe is Titan?

This is a tough question to be answer because Titan failed to open my first accounts both on the Play store and through a PC emulation on the store. They also only use a single password which raises security questions for the security of Titan. The only real way to know would be to a security audit on Titan, which they do not provide.

Does Titan trade mutual funds for $0.00?

No, Titan does not trade mutual funds of any kind for any price or fee.

How do I contact Titan?

Titan customer support is nearly useless they don’t even have a form for a call back. After some research, they have “[email protected]” which I believe will receive a response. Because they are trading all of your AUM for 1%, you pretty just need to accept whatever they’re doing with your account.

How to deactivate your Titan accounts, and risk tolerance.

Simply sell all your assets, and then wait the 2-5 days for the cash to “clear” in the bank before it’s available. Notice how getting into a Titan account is nearly instant, while leaving the platform takes 2-5 days.

Final verdict: is Titan any good?

Titan does have some positives, it might be the fastest way to go from opening an account trading your first trade of stock in five minutes. If that speed is important to you, then Titan advisory or brokerage services could be the way to go.

However, since Titan is so clearly offered to new investors who probably shouldn’t be jumping into active trading within five minutes of opening their first brokerage account, it is hard to call this a positive, unless you already have sound investment strategies in place. Standard assets like mutual fund or fixed income securities are not offered which is a major negative.

There is excellent beginner investor research on Titan but no professional research. The Titan trading app, however Titan has announced a Titan Gold Member option that does unlock 1,700 updated Morningstar research reports. As with all platforms, investing involves risk and the titan invest app is no different. It all comes down to you and your investment team to decide how much risk you are willing to take.

Titan Invest FAQs

Who are Titan invest’s compliance partner?

The compliance partner is Greyline LLC.

Who are Titan invest’s Clearing firm?

The custody and clearing firm are Apex Clearing an Apex Crypto, both of which have questionable security and regulatory histories.

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